2018 Symposium Clinics

This year we are offering a weaving and a drop spindle clinic on Thursday, August 1, prior to the start of the Symposium, as well as the opportunity to learn crochet after the close of the fleece show.  Fleece Show volunteers are welcomed before the Symposium during the judging period and should contact the office to reserve their preferred time slot: (970) 586-5876.

All class sizes are limited and are first come, first served.  Sign up for the clinics when you register to attend Symposium: Symposium Registration

Fleece Room Volunteers

There is no better way to learn about suri fleece than to assist our world renowned judges in the fleece room during judging for the All Suri Fleece Show.  Volunteering is a sought agfter privilege, and we have limited slots available for Symposium participants.  Note that judging begins on August 1 and continues August 2, with the Symposium starting on August 3; fleece show volunteers will be responsible for their lodging and meals during this time period.  Find more information on volunteering here.

Drop Spindle Basics with Gabrielle Menn

Learn to spin on a drop spindle.  Spindles and all spinning fibers will be provided. Preparation of fiber including hand carding and combing will be demonstrated on both suri and huacaya. 

The goal of this class is to explore; get your feet wet, try it out. Those who develop genuine interest will go home able to spin yarn and with dedicated, continued practicing can develop real skill.  The spindle is a very entry level investment that trains the fingers to ‘feel the twist’ - not just drafting but also feeling the yarn slide in the fingers as its wound onto the spindle - to feel if its soft or ‘like rope’ and then adjust accordingly.

 By Angela Montillon - originally posted to Flickr as erste Spinnversuche, CC BY 2.0, 


Students are going to initially start with romney wool roving in their hands. Romney is regarded as the easiest to spin for beginners.  Once you get the hang of the easy draft of the romney, then we move to the huacaya.  Suri is considered an “advanced spinner’s fiber”; but, since this is The Suri Network, we’re going to get Suri in your hands.  You’ll learn that there is a different amount of twist that you need to add, drafting is different, it’s very slippery. Some might find that easier; others might want to go back to the “practice wool” before working up to suri.   We want happy conference participants!  Since we are often asked the difference between suri and huacaya, you will be able to speak from personal experience on the difference between the two. 

This clinic is a great opportunity to try your hand at spinning with a very experienced instructor. The fee for this four hour clinic is $80, and there is an additional materials fee for the Drop Spindle class is $20 per participant payable directly to Gabrielle Menn.  There is an option to buy the spindle and niddy noddy used in class for an additional $25. Class is limited to eight (8) participants

Weaving Wonder with Suri with Dan Corley

Discuss and explore through hands on weaving the benefits and challenges of using suri for weaving - 100% versus blends, techniques, tips and tricks. Review a collection of finished goods and yarns for inspiration.  Increase your knowledge base for marketing suri fiber to fiber artists.  Hand outs and materials will be provided.  Each session of this two hour clinic is limited to eight (8) participants. Clinic fee is $40.

By Jae - originally posted to Flickr as Making Peruvian Inca Textiles, CC BY-SA 2.0, 


And during the Symposium, don't miss Beginning Crochet with show super Judy Schroeder! Judy loves teaching crochet to beginners.  This free clinic will be available on Friday afternoon after the Fleece Show Awards and Saturday morning until 10am.  See Judy at the Symposium to arrange.

Register here for pre-Symposium clinics.


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