About Suri Fiber and Our Product Development

Suri is an ancient fiber prized for a combination of elegant traits: Luster, drape, softness, multiple natural colors, ease of dyeing and versatility. Both knitting and weaving can be used to produce luxury products.

Few other natural fibers possess all these attributes, making Suri fiber highly sought after throughout the world.

The Suri Network is dedicated to the promotion and improvement of Suri fiber. The Suri Network Product Development Committee is committed to achieving this through:


P2P-DVD - "Pasture to Process, Product to Profit: Getting the Most of your Suri Alpaca Fiber". This DVD provides an A-Z guide for all things fiber. It is available for purchase in the Suri Network store


The Product Development Committee publishes several guides for Suri owners, including:

Product Development Grant
e Product Development Committee incorporates various methods to develop new products and improve existing products through grants and collaborative projects.  In 2014 Barbara Boineau of River Run Ranch received a $500 Grant for Suri Fiber Application.  This is her report on that application, Rustic Suri and the Search for Imperfection.


The Suri Network Product Development Committee offers Suri fiber patterns for both retail and wholesale. Patterns can be found in the Suri Network store.



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