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Get the Word Out Program

What an opportunity! The "Get the Word Out" program promotes Suri alpacas and your farm in your local community.

Every year, you can submit a list of ten names of businesses in your area where you think people might be interested in looking at the PurelySuri magazine. Imagine if a PurelySuri magazine was available in your doctor's office waiting room, your veterinarian's waiting area, and other locations where people wait for services! Plus, each magazine will include your farm and contact information! 

Just send in your 10 names and addresses of doctors, dentists, or any other appropriate businesses (farm bank, credit bureau office, etc.) where there is a waiting room with magazines for people to read. Suri Network will send to each address a back issue of PurelySuri Magazine.

Each magazine will include a label recognizing that this copy of the PurelySuri Magazine is from you with your farm name and contact information. Together, if we get 2,500 magazines out and only 100 people see each one that is 250,000 exposures! It’s worth the effort. The only cost to you is a little time and effort to send in the appropriate names and addresses – that’s it! (If two or more farms list the same address, only one copy will be sent on a first come first serve basis.

This is an ongoing program, so if you haven’t sent your list of 10 names and addresses - please send today! Send an email to office@surinetwork.org with up to 10 names and addresses.  Together we can promote your farm, and get the word out – SURI!

Get the Word Out


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