Suri Network Full Member Benefits

The Suri Network™ offers two levels of membership: Full Membership (formerly Farm/Ranch Membership) and the Associate Membership (formerly Suri Enthusiast Membership).   The change was made to provide more clarity in membership levels as we seek to broaden participation with our SURI SIMPLY STUNNING™ branding initiative.  Cost to members remains the same.

Full Membership (Farm/Ranch)

A Full Membership is available for anyone. The Suri Network is dedicated to the advancement of the Suri alpaca, and any farm, ranch, individual or business that supports that mission is welcomed to the Suri Network™!  Membership includes a variety of benefits with significant value.  Several important NEW benefits have been recently added.   The value to a single member can easily range from $250 to $1000 depending on how many benefits a member chooses to utilize.  

Below is additional detail about some of the key benefits:

Eligible to Participate FREE in SURI SIMPLY STUNNING™

This initiative was introduced in 2018 and Full Members are now able to apply to use the brand mark.  More information is available in the Suri Simply Stunning section including application process and requirements.   Promotional materials are also available for purchase.  Use of the mark is FREE to members with application. $250 Value 

Promotion & Online Presence for your Farm, your Suris & your Products

When anyone googles "suri alpaca", the #1 return is the Suri Network! Once on the Suri Network site, visitors can "find a farm", and they can find your farm! All you have to do is have a (free) OpenHerd account, and enter your farm and animal information into OpenHerd. The Suri Network synchronizes with OpenHerd, so your farm information will be at the fingertips of lookers and all of your alpacas will be visible via the Suri Network site! Whatever you have posted on OpenHerd will be seen on Suri Network automatically. Just give the office a call or email when you are ready or if you have questions. $239 Value.  

Suri Network members can also be found in the online member directory, at no additional charge. Members have the ability to control for themselves the information that is made public. Your website address will link directly to your farm website, and you can include photos, farm description, and contact information. This is in addition to whatever you might post on OpenHerd!

New Member Gift Certificate Program

When you sell Suris to someone who has not previously owned Suris, you can give the gift of a one-year membership to the Suri Network! Help your new clients get off to a great start with this gift of a Suri Network Membership!  

The Suri Herd Improvement Program (SHIP)

SHIP, developed by the Suri Network, is a classification process that looks at every Suri in your herd based on specific characteristics originating from the Suri Network Breed Standard, and provides hands-on assessment by a trained classification expert. Results of your herd assessment as well as the assessment of others will help you as you make decisions about breeding and purchasing, based on hard data. More information about the SHIP program can be found on the SHIP page.  This program now includes access to an upgraded S.H.I.P. database and reports and includes the option for members to make SHIP scores visible. (NEW)  

PurelySuri™ Magazine

All Suri Network members receive a copy of PurelySuri magazine, our professionally

published magazine featuring everything Suri. Suri Network members have the opportunity to purchase advertising in the magazine at a discount. In addition to the print copy that is mailed to members, it is also available online for anyone to read. Based on member advertiser feedback we are moving the publication to January/February in 2021 to coincide with timing for spring breeding decisions.  Just one more way that the Suri Network helps bring people to your farm! Magazine $15 Value; Ad discounts $10-$200 Value.

Get the Word Out!

What if clients waiting at your local veterinarian's office could browse through a copy of PurelySuri™ magazine while they waited? As a member you can take advantage of the "Get the Word Out" campaign by having a PurelySuri ™ magazines sent to up to ten business waiting rooms in your community. Each will have a label stating that the magazine is provided by your farm, and will list your contact information! You can renew this each year, with ten more magazines going out to your local community! $150 Value

Earn Incentives!

For each referral to join the Suri Network, or for each membership you purchase as a gift for a Suri breeder, you will receive 10% off your next year's membership dues. Just ten confirmed renewals and/or gift memberships and your dues for the next year are free!

Suri Network Symposium 

The one, the only, the premier Suri event of the year! For a great time of learning and networking, attend the Suri Network Symposium. For 2021, we are moving the timing and location to Las Vegas, NV in February, with a "March to Marketing" theme. Members receive discounted registration fees and can advertise in symposium materials.  $100 Value on Symposium

The All-Suri Fleece Show 

Our 2020 fleece show will be a mail-in show hosted by New Era Fibers and Long Hollow Suri Alpacas.  Spin-Off, Cottage, Fleece and Fiber Arts competitions are available.  We award 3 breeder cups each for Cottage and regular Fleece, and in 2020 we have a First Time Fleece Show Entrant award. Members receive discounted fleece show fees. (NEW)

Marketing Opportunities & Resources

In addition to the increased online presence for your business via the website, the Suri Network is always looking for additional marketing opportunities for members.  We now offer an annual Online Auction which is an opportunity for members to market their farms.  


Marketing resources are available to download for free from the Suri Network website. Members may list their events on the Suri Network Calendar. Members can also purchase advertising materials and leads to help market their Suris. Marketing materials include back issues of PurelySuri magazine, brochures, and DVDs. And you can purchase membership lists.

Youth Program Resources

The Suri Network has developed excellent materials to promote youth involvement with Suris.  Members can participate in the Suri Network's Youth Programs by being a host farm or Suri donor for local 4-H or FFA clubs. The Suri Network Youth Resource Handbook and the 4-H Alpaca Record Book are available for free download.  

Product Development Committee

The Product Development Committee provides many services to promote Suri fiber, from seminars and booths at fiber events to the development of Suri fiber knitting patterns, information on fiber mills about their ability to process Suri fiber, a Suri Fiber Harvesting Code of Practice, and a Quick Check Shearing Guide. A DVD set, titled from “Pasture to Process, Product to Profit: Getting the Most Out of Your Suri Alpaca Fiber”, provides an outstanding educational resource to help Suri breeders make the most of their Suri harvest. The DVD set is available here, with the price discounted for Suri Network members.

Associate Membership (Suri Enthusiast)

The Associate membership is available to individuals who do not own Suris, but who love them and want to be a part of the Suri Network. The annual membership rate is $35 for a Suri Enthusiast. Suri Enthusiasts receive several benefits:

  • Listing as an "Associate Member" in the Suri Network Membership Directory
  • Access to the Membership Directory and "members-only" pages on the Suri Network website
  • Participate in Suri Network events at member rates - discounted rates for the Suri Symposium and other events
  • Purchase Suri Network store items at member rates
  • Participation in the Suri Network Members' Facebook group page


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