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2021 All-Suri Fleece Show


July 13-14, 2021

Registration opens April 1, 2021

The Suri Network's All-Suri Fleece Show is the largest Suri fleece show in North America, and perhaps the world! The 2021 fleece show is a MAIL-IN Fleece Show and will be judged at the Comfort Suites hotel in Lebanon, TN.  As always, The All-Suri Fleece Show is open to any Suri owner, not just members of the Suri Network, although there are discounts for member entries.

 A ribbon from the Suri Network's Fleece Show is one of the highest forms of recognition for Suri alpaca breeders. From the judges to the competition, the All-Suri Fleece Show always provides the best! In 2021, the Suri Network Breeders Cups, will be awarded in three categories for Regular Fleece.  For more information on how the cups will be awarded, click here.  

Our 2021 Judge line-up includes:                          

Dianna Timmerman and Sharon Loner judging the fleece show!

Karen Champion will be judging our spinoff and fiber arts entries!

The All Suri Fleece Show will once again offer an award "First Time Fleece Show Entrants".  If this is your first time entering the Suri Network Fleece show, be sure to check the box on the registration site.  Fleece show entrants may be interested in this VIDEO showing how to skirt a Suri fleece for uniformity.

This mail in fleece show immediately follows the AOA National Fleece Show and the Suri Network volunteers will be happy to transport your fleeces from that show to the Suri Network show just a few miles away!

Karl and Jan Heinrich of New Era Fiber have again graciously agreed to accept your fleeces and transport them to the show, but they must be received by Saturday, July 10th. Thanks Karl and Jan!

Once again, the show is open to International entries.  International entrants may use the online registration link below to register your fleeces.  The Show Superintendent will contact you to review your entry and provide instruction on sending in your home country alpaca registration data.

Note:  Fleece Show judging for Regular Fleece will take place beginning on July 13, 2021, so all fleeces will need to be mailed in and received by July 10th.  If you choose to hand deliver your fleece, it can be delivered to the Show Superintendent or SN Board members at the National Fleece Extravaganza  or at New Era Fiber, Saturday, July 10, 2021.  

The All-Suri Fleece Show is open to any Suri owner, not just members of the Suri Network! You do not need to be a member to participate in the Fleece Show, but we hope you will consider joining the Suri Network to enjoy the many benefits we offer!

Fleece Show Fees

  • Regular Fleece show entries per fleece: 
    • Members $45
    • Non-Members $55
  • Spin-Off Entries per entry: $30 
  • Fiber Arts/Skeins Entries per entry: $20
  • Production Classes: 
    • Members $32
    • Non-Members $42
  • Non-AOA member fee per farm: $80
  • Fleece return shipping fee: $17.00 for the first fleece, and $6.00 for each additional fleece.
  • Spin Off and Fiber Arts/Skeins return shipping fee:  $12.00 for first item; and $6.00 for each additional item.  Extremely large entries may incur additional mail back charges.
  • You can Join the Suri Network here to take advantage of member pricing.
  • If you are a member, be sure to check the box on the registration site to receive member pricing. This can be found in the "Sponsorship, Members, Return Fleece Fees, First Time Entrants" section of the registration site.
  • If this is your first time entering the Suri Network Fleece Show, check the box to be eligible for the "First Time Fleece Show Entrant" award. No additional charge.  This is found in the "Sponsorship, Members, Return Fleece Fees, First Time Entrants" section of the registration site.
  • The AOA show fee is waived for International entries.
  • International entries will pay the Return Fleece Fees billed by the online registration system. Prior to mailing back your fleece The Suri Network will invoice you for any differences based on actual international shipping costs.
  • Any hand delivered entries must be received by the Show Superintendent by Sunday, July 11, 2021 at noon.  
  • Cancellation Policy: The online fleece show registration will be open through midnight July 1, 2021. Any changes after that will incur a $10 fee for each change made. No refunds after July 1, 2021.

Need Yarn, Roving or Fleece for your Fiber Arts Project?  Coming Soon: A list of Suri Network Members who may have just what you need!  

Deadlines and Registration Information

   Spin-off registrations
   .  You may enter your 2020 and 2021 fleeces in the Spin-off


May 31, 2021

Photos not required this year.

Spin-off registration closes May 31, 2021

Registration Opens April 1st

     Spin-off entries must be received by:
June 5, 2021

Mail spin-off entries only (no fleeces!) to:
Suri Network All-Suri Fleece Show

c/o Dawn Browning
703 Fort Hill Road
Maysville, KY 41056
Email: sssalpaca@gmail.com
Dawn's Phone:  (540) 797-1985

   Fleece, Fiber Arts and Skeins 

Fleece show registration closes July 1, 2021

Mailed in fleece
must be received by:  July 10, 2021

Fleeces, Fiber Arts & Skeins that are 
hand delivered must be received by: July 10, 2021 at New Era Fiber.  Call or email Show Super if you are hand delivering.

Fleeces, mailed via the US Postal Service must be sent to the following address and received no later than July 10, 2021.   You MUST use the address as shown below: 

Suri Network Fleece Show

c/o New Era Fiber

698 Wallace Rd

Gallatin, TN 37066

SAVE MONEY!  If you are entering fleece in the AOA National Fleece Extravaganza, your fleece can be transported from the AOA show directly to the Suri Network All-Suri Fleece Show. Simply check the appropriate box when you are registering for the AOA National Fleece Show.  If you forget or decide later to forward your fleeces, contact Dawn Browning to make a change.  

You can also forward your fleeces from The Suri Network Fleece Show to the PAOBA show -- simply check the box when you are registering.  If you forget for decide later to forward your fleeces contact Dawn at sssalpaca@gmail.com  to make a change.

Any questions, please contact Fleece Show Superintendent Dawn Browning, by e-mail at sssalpaca@gmail.com or by phone at 859-338-2946.

The online registration system available for all fleece entries, fiber arts and skeins, and spin-off entries. If you do not have an online registration account, you may contact Dawn Browning, Show Superintendent and she will happily guide you through the process.

For Fiber Arts and Skeins, you may complete the paper entry form and mail with your entry.  

Forms and More Info


Mandatory Disclosure Form  - All Fleece Competitions

Fiber Arts and Skeins Form  - You may use this form to register for the Fiber Arts and Skeins competition or you may register your items online.  Mailed items must be received by July 10, 2021 and hand delivered items must be received by noon, July 10, 2021 at New Era Fiber.

Color Classes and Awards

Fleece Show Awards
  • 1st to 6th place ribbons awarded for each color group
  • Color and Reserve Color Champion will be awarded in classes with 8 or more entries
  • Breeder Cup Awards
  • First Time Fleece Show Award (NEW)

Special Fleece Show Awards

  • Best Hand
  • Judges Choice
  • Best Lock
  • Best Luster
  • Spirit of the Fiber Industry
  • Bred and Owned in each color group *

*In an effort to highlight excellence in production from on-going breeding programs, the Suri Network will offer Highest Scoring Bred & Owned award in each color group. The Fleece Show Superintendent, via the ARI Certificate, will verify eligibility. Giving preference to the entry from the oldest age division will break tie scores within a color group. If the top-scoring fleece in any color group fails to meet the current requirement of 60/57 points for a first place ribbon, no Bred & Owned award will be given.


The Suri Network is pleased to announce we will accept International entries in the 2021 All Suri Fleece Show (pending waiver approval)!  Here is some information to help you with the registration process:

  • International entrants must use the online registration system.  AOA's show fee has been waived for 2021.  
  • All competitions are open to international entries.
  • In addition to the online registration, you will need to provide certain information about your alpaca from your home country registry.  Dawn Browning, Show Superintendent will contact you with instructions once she receives your fleece show entry.
  • Please read the 2021 AOA Show System rules referenced on this page.  
  • Noodling of fleeces is highly encouraged.  See requirements in Rules and More Info. 
  • Please sign and email the Mandatory Disclosure Form.
  • International entries will pay the Return Fleece Fees billed by the online registration system. Prior to mailing back your fleece The Suri Network will invoice you for any differences based on actual international shipping costs.
  • Contact Dawn Browning if you have questions at email:  sssalpaca@gmail.com.

Rules and More Info

Show Rules Summary

  • Online registration must be completed. Registration must include a copy of your signed AOA Mandatory Disclosure Form and a copy of the ARI Certificate for each fleece entered. Also, please include the appropriate fleece tag in each bag of fleece entered in the show.
  • Entry limit of three fleeces per age division, per color designation, per owner. Please be aware that if color groups are combined, you will not be allowed to have over the 3-fleece limit competing in any group.
  • Fleeces must be entered in the name of the alpaca and the current owner, as matched by the ARI Registration Certificate. Include the Owner of Record Form if applicable. 
  • Fleeces may not be shown that were shorn before Saturday, June 29, 2020.  2020 fleeces may only be shown in the Spin-off.
  • Entries must be at least 6 months of age at the time of shearing (born on or before Sunday, January 11, 2020).
  • Each fleece will consist of the skirted prime fiber only and must be displayed intact in a clear unmarked plastic bag provided by the exhibitor.
  • Minimum length of the entire prime fleece is 3" with no maximum under second birthday, with a maximum of 9" for second birthday and older.
  • Fleeces are divided by age (at the time of shearing) and color divisions.
  • Farms entering fleeces must be members of the AOA Show Division or pay the non-member fee of $80.00.
  • A Fleece Show Entry Tag must be completed for each fleece and presented at check-in with the fleece. The online registration system will automatically generate the fleece tags for you to print out.
  • If this is the first shearing, use  the birth date as prior shearing date.
  • No entries or substitutions will be accepted at the door. You may hand-deliver your entry, but you must register online by July 1, 2021.
  • Minimum fleece score to award a blue ribbon is 60. If none of the fleeces in a class achieve 60 points or above (57 or above for Grey fleeces), the Judge shall start placements with a red ribbon in that class.
  • Color groups will be determined by the current ARI Color Chart. Color groups and combining rules will follow AOA guidelines.
  • A Level III show with entries between 175 and 349 is anticipated.
  • Management reserves the right to place entries in appropriate color classes.

More info about fleece competitions

The 2021 AOA Show System Handbook details the requirements for each kind of competition in the AOA Show System. The entire book is downloadable as a PDF. 

Specific sections apply to various fleece competitions, and you may wish to pay close attention to the following:

Getting the Fleece Ready for the Fleece Show

      Chapter 5 (p. 9-10)

Fleece Competitions....Chapter 21 (p. 59)

  •    Fleece Show Rules... p. 59-62
  •    Handrafter's Spin-Off... p. 65-67

Auxiliary Fleece Competitions.... Chapter 23 (p. 72-76)

  •    Hand Spun Skeins
  •    Mill Spun Skeins
  •    Fiber Arts


Please refer to Chapter 5, Helpful Tips: Getting your Fleece Ready for a Fleece Show. Please read the rules carefully and completely if you plan on sending a noodled fleece (p.9, Section 3.B. option 2).  If you have questions about noodling, please contact the Show Superintendent at sssalpaca@gmail.com.

The allowable bags for all fleece competitions are listed below:

32 1/2 x 37 1/2 — 1.3 oz

U-LINE — 1 MIL POLY BAGS SKU S-10920 — 36 x 42 — 1.5 oz

You might also be interested in the article "What Can One Learn by Entering a Spin-Off?", by Donna Rudd, Certified Master Spinner.


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