Frequently Asked Questions about Alpaca Care

PurelySuri is the Suri Network's breed association annual magazine. It has articles of interest for both seasoned and new Suri owners as well as articles related to health and husbandry that apply to all alpacas.  The hard copy magazine is a benefit of membership, however, we share the two articles below to help answer the most commonly asked questions from alpaca owners.

1.  Can I keep alpacas with other livestock?  Read "Keeping Alpacas with Other Livestock"  from our 2015 PurelySuri  magazine to understand pros and cons.

2.  Do males and females need to be kept separate and why?  Read "Geldings Aren't Always Good Guys" from our 2019 PurelySuri ™ magazine.

3.  Practices and methods for integrating males into your male herd.  Read "Integrating Males into Your Herd" from our 2019 PurelySuri ™ magazine.

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