What is SHIP?

The Suri Herd Improvement Program gives us concrete, objective data about our individual herds and the opportunity to advance our national herd using that data for our breeding and purchasing decisions.

The SURI NETWORK has been devoted to the “Preservation of the Suri Phenotype – Fiber and Alpaca” since its inception with the development and implementation of various programs as a service to its membership and for Suri owners worldwide. These programs are encompassed in the Suri Herd Improvement Program, titled as S.H.I.P.

SHIP Infographic

SHIP Participants

Acappella Junction (2016)

Akuna Matada (2015)

Alpaca Magic USA

Alpaca This

Alpacas of Greater Tennessee

Alpacas of Tualatin Valley

Arcona Alpacas LLC (2014)

Berry Sweet Alpacas (2014)

C Squared Alpacas, Inc. (2014)

Castle Hill Farm Alpacas


Coldwater Creek Alpacas (2014)

Deepstep Creek Alpacas (2016)

Double D Alpaca Ranch

Foothills Suri Alpacas

Funny Farm

Goldyn Rae Alpacas

Grandview Suri Alpacas (2014)

Green Valley Alpacas

Hasselbring's Harmony Ranch (2014)

Healing Spring Suris (2016)

Heritage Farm Suri Alpacas (2014)

Hidden Creek Alpacas (2015)

J 4 Alpacas

Jeepers Creepers

Leraso Farm Alpacas

Lizard Hill Suri Alpacas

Long Hollow Suri Alpacas

Maplewood Farm

Miners Mounatin Alpacas (2015)

Northern Rocky Mountain Alpacas

Pines Edge Suri Alpacas (2014)

Pleasant Prairie Suris (2016)

River Hill Ranch

Rock'n D Enterprises  (2016)

Rogers Farm

Salt River Alpacas

Seed Stock Suri Alpacas

Shady Hollow Suri Alpacas

Shambalah Alpaca Ranch (2014)

Spanish Peaks Alpacas, LLC 

Sunshine Daydream Alpacas, LLC

SuperSuris Alpacas

Sweet Valley Suris (2014)

Taha Suri Alpaca Ranch (2014)

Triple H Ranch (2014)

Weather'd T Ranch Alpacas (2014)

Wind Walker Ranch West


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