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2022 Suri Network Election

Welcome to the online information center for the 2022 Suri Network Board of Trustees Election! Here you will find information on each of the candidates running for election, as well as an outline of the electronic voting process.  More information on how and when to vote will also be emailed directly to each member by Simply Voting, the organization managing our election process.

This year we have 4 candidates running for 2 Suri Network Board of Trustee positions each with 3 year terms.  Beth Sheets, Liz Vahlkamp, Laurel Shouvlin, Patty Hasselbring, and Michelle Pressler will be returning to the Board.   The terms of Laurie Findlay and Karl Heinrich are ending. The 2022 candidates for the Board election are Karen Ball, Randy Brealey, Nikki Griffith, and Ted Ritschard.

The electronic vote will open on or around May 16th, and all votes must be cast no later than June 1st.  Results will be tabulated and announced with the results of the Suri Fleece show and then sent to members by email in early August.  Look for an email with voting directions soon!

Suri Network Board of Trustees – Trustee Job Description (2020)

The Suri Network, is a 501(c)(5) organization, governed by a seven member Board of Trustees. The Board of Trustees has legal responsibility for all activities of the organization. Responsibilities of Board members include, but are not limited to:

  • Understand and make financial decisions for the organization.
  • Provide consideration of and decision-making concerning proposed policies and activities.
  • Prepare budgets for specific areas of responsibilities.
  • Assume coordination of specific projects, which could include:
    Planning and implementing the annual Suri Network Symposium and Fleece Show
    b. Serving as editor for PurelySuri magazine, including solicitation of articles, editing, and layout and recruitment/coordination of advertising volunteers
    Planning and coordinating fundraising eventsd.Planning and conducting the annual membership drive
    Ensuring that promotional materials are current and available
    f. Maintaining the Suri Network website
    Planning and coordinating Suri Network educational webinars
    Preparing Suri Network membership newsletters, news briefs, and email blasts
    i. Serving as liaison with the Suri Network Product Development Committee
    j. Coordinating and leading Suri Network Rallies at various alpaca shows
    Ensuring that the Suri Network Members Facebook Group and Suri Network Facebook page are active and up to date
    I. Soliciting donations for Suri Network auctions and events
    m. Serving as liaison with the Suri Herd Improvement Program committee
    n. Serving as liaison with the Branding Committee
    o. Managing Suri Network Intellectual Property
  •  Assist in implementation of above stated projects.
  • Represent the Suri Network to members and non-members.

    The following skills and
    abilities are desired:
  • leadership skills
  • strong and positive communication skills
  • decision making skills
  • computer literacy
  • social networking
  • marketing skills
  • ability to relate in a constructive way with a wide variety of people

    The estimated time commitment for members of the Board is approximately 15-20 hours per month. In addition, the Board holds regular monthly meetings via conference call. Potential Board members should be aware that there is and will be no financial remuneration for their work on the Board.

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