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After an intensive 3 year process that included the input of multiple stakeholders, the Suri Network led the United States alpaca industry by initiating and adopting the first Suri Breed Standard in 2007 . The Suri Network membership voted on and passed that first breed standard in March of 2007. Most livestock breed standards are revised periodically, so in early 2016 a committee was formed to review and update the Suri Breed Standard. The Board appointed Tim Sheets and Linda Kondris as co-chairs, who then recruited members Karl Heinrich, Gail Campbell, DVM, Amanda VandenBosch, and Cheryl Gehly. Randy Coleman, Board member, served as liaison between the Board and the committee.  The rinal version was presented to the Suri Membership, and the vote to accept it was achieved in 2016.

View a glossary of the terminology used in the Suri Breed Standard

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