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The Suri Network is the sole owner of the registered trademark consisting of the complete Suri Simply Stunning graphic. The Suri Network is required to regulate its use and provide assurance that such uses comply with specific guidelines established for the program.

As such, members and other users must initially complete this detailed application and provide information sufficient for the Suri Network to evaluate conformance with use guidelines.  Licensed users who wish to continue use after the initial application approval may complete an abbreviated use Renewal Application annually.  The Suri Network reserves the right to request additional information or a resubmission of the initial use application at its sole discretion to maintain compliance with Federal trademark and organization specific requirements.

You are welcome to use the form below to complete your initial application to participate in the Suri Simply Stunning brand mark program, or print and fill out this pdf and mail or email it to the Suri Network office.

Suri Network
Phone: (970) 586-5876
Fax: (970) 591-0007

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Estes Park, Colorado

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