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Whether you are interested in a full livestock breeding operation or an animal lover looking for a hobby, the Suri alpaca provides investment opportunities at many levels. 

- The unique fleece can be made into exquisite products that showcase luster and drape.

- Their gentle nature makes them ideal for children to work with for 4-H projects, county fairs, our national show system, and many other situations and events.

- For those interested in breeding, the initial importations provided for a multitude of genetics and lineages from which you can select.

- Strong support from a great breed association!  The Suri Network offers an array of educational programs, as well as branding and marketing initiatives.

- Friendly and inviting association members!  Our members are passionate about their breed and can't wait for you to visit their farms and ranches to hear their stories and learn more about the Suri alpaca.

The Suri Network functions to assist all Suri owners to enjoy their experiences with this intriguing creature.  Please explore our pages to learn more about our organization, the Suri alpaca, and our members.

The Suri Network   exists to assist its members to protect, preserve, and promote the Suri alpaca. A group of Suri owners established the Suri Network in 1997, a few years after the first Suris were imported to the United States from Bolivia in the winter of 1991. There were several subsequent imports in 1993, 1995, 1996 and 1998 from Peru, Chile and Bolivia, and all Suris in North America are descendants of those imported animals.

Since its beginnings, the Suri Network has organized numerous educational events, published the PurelySuri Magazine, held multiple fleece shows, facilitated research, educated consumers about the unique qualities of Suri fleece, promoted the use of Suri alpaca in different products, developed a Suri breed standard, and served as a conduit between its members and the Alpaca Owners Association.

Below we offer a brief description and links to the various programs the Suri Network organizes. We are immensely proud that our membership has always been at the forefront of the alpaca industry promoting both the Suri alpaca and the use of its wondrous fleece.

Not only do we hope that you will join the Suri Network, but we also hope that you will share your individual talents by getting involved in our great industry by volunteering with us.


The Suri Network Online Auction starts November 8th and runs until the 28th of November. There are many great items for you to bid on. There are great gifts for the holidays as well as practical items for you and your alpacas. Money raised from this auction goes to supporting the activities of the Suri Network. Click Here to view what is offered!

Focusing on protecting, preserving, and promoting the Suri alpaca, the SHIP program is an outstanding way for our members to accomplish that. By collecting data from the evaluation of an alpaca's conformation and fleece, an owner is better able to discern that alpaca's strengths and weaknesses and how to improve them in the next generation. When the data is processed using special computer programs, animals can be ranked relative to all other Suri alpacas currently in the system. The resultant data are called EPDs which stands for Expected Progeny Differences and by using the data, a breeder is given a better idea of what the genetic makeup of their alpaca is. To learn more about SHIP,  CLICK HERE
. To watch a video showing the process of an alpaca being classified for S.H.I.P. please CLICK HERE.

This is the Suri Network's flagship publication with articles to highlight
the activities of the organization, promote the Suri and its fiber, and to educate the members on recent developments in the industry. Only members can view the current issue, but you can find links to back issues  HERE

To advertise in the upcoming 2022 issue of PurelySuri, please use the 2021 PurelySuri Advertising Reservation Formf

A few years ago, the Suri Network Board of Trustees embarked on a new program
to cr
eate recognition of Suri as a natural fiber with specific characteristics of softness, luster, warmth, and adaptability in a wide variety of products. Branding will be beneficial for marketing breeding programs, the fiber produced, and to make high quality Suri products. This program became known as the Suri Simply Stunning branding initiative. Those who want to use this brand must receive permission from the Suri Network to  do so. If you are interested in participating, please READ MORE

The largest Suri Fleece Show in the world!

This show will occur in the summer or fall of 2022. Please check back for details

This annual event offers those interested in alpacas to visit farms across the country. Many farms showcase their Suri alpacas and products made from their fiber. They may also include demonstrations and educational workshops.

To find a Suri alpaca farm to visit near you click HERE, but do call ahead to be sure when they will be accepting visitors.


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