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With a membership that extends across North America and around the world, it is difficult to get everyone together to take advantage of educational opportunities. We have been fortunate to be able to offer education via the internet. The Suri Network has now held two series of webinars, March To Marketing in 2021 and Strategically Suri in 2022.

These four part series, hosted by Suri Network are available to registrants and Suri Network members only. The individual webinars are listed below.

Each webinar includes a one-hour presentation followed by a 30-minute interactive Q&A session.

February 2: “S.H.I.P—Don’t let S.H.I.P Sail Without You” presented by the SHIP classifiers, Arturo Pena, Cheryl Gehly and Stephanie Glyptis, all trained Suri fleece experts and AOA judges. Sponsored by:  Memory M-Acres, Hasselbring's Harmony Ranch, Alpaca Road

February 9: “Color Genetics—What Color is Your Alpaca” presented by Dr. Andrew Merriwether, expert geneticist and professor from Binghamton University of New York. 
Sponsored by:
Suri and Company,  Raynay Alpaca Farm, Big Timber Alpacas.

February 16: “Using Technology to Diagnose Female Alpaca Infertility” presented by Dr. Michelle Kutzler, camelid reproductive expert and professor from Oregon State University. 
Sponsored by: Long Hollow Ranch, Healing Springs Suris,  Alpacas of El Dorado.

February 23: “Strategic Suri Improvement-Focus on Uniformity” presented by Amanda VandenBosch, internationally renowned Suri alpaca breeder and AOA senior judge.
Sponsored by: 2 Point Farm, Heritage Farm, Ouroboros Farmstead.

* Registrants and Suri Network members may view the videos, by visiting the STRATEGICALLY SURI  webinar page.

The 2021 March To Marketing Modules:

This first webinar series was titled, "March To Marketing". The modules were free to Suri Network members and are now loaded onto our website for members who want to review the presented material. The 4 classes are described below. Links are available at MARCH TO MARKETING. Our thanks to the sponsors that made this event possible!

Feb 3: “Tell your story using the Toolbox” presented by internationally renowned alpaca breeder and AOA Senior Judge, Amanda VandenBosch.

Feb 10: “Social Media Marketing-The Good, The Bad, The Ugly and The Why!” presented by Boot Camp Digital social marketing experts.

Feb 17: “Agritourism for Everyone” presented by a panel of three farms that successfully use the agritourism model in these challenging times.

Feb 24: - “Pull it all Together: An Effective Marketing Plan” presented by Brion Smoker, a successful professional business and financial advisor, and co-owner of Sweet Valley Suris.


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