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 With the importations of alpacas to North America, much of the focus was on livestock as opposed to marketing the products made from their fleece. Additionally, the two breeds – Suris and Huacayas – were marketed more generically as “alpaca”.  Once again, the Suri Network is leading the industry with an innovative branding program to market not only the Suri alpaca, but also its special qualities of Suri fleece and the products made from it.

The brand mark program is used to promote awareness of the unique qualities that distinguish Suri alpacas and Suri fiber products as “Suri Simply Stunning.”   The program creates recognition of Suri as a natural fiber with specific characteristics of softness, luster, drape, warmth, and adaptability in a wide variety of products. Those who apply and are accepted into the program may use Suri Simply Stunning for marketing breeding programs, the fiber produced, and high quality Suri products. Use of the Suri Simply Stunning Suri Brand Mark represents a shared commitment to: 

  • Preserve the purity of the Suri genotype by breeding Suri alpaca males to Suri alpaca females;
  •  Actively manage breeding programs using available quantitative tools and responsible animal husbandry to produce lustrous, uniform fiber;
  • Harvest, sort, and grade Suri fiber using best practices described in the SURI FIBER HARVESTING CODE OF PRACTICE to maximize yield and commercial use;
  • Promote the inherent qualities of Suri fiber by pursuing the production of consistent high-quality products that best represent Suri fiber; 
 The mark reflects adherence to the Suri Network Breed Standard.  Tools that may be used to meet the breed standard may include but not be limited to:

Animal and Fleece Improvement Tools:

  • Histograms
  • Skin Biopsies
  • EPDs
  • Suri Herd Improvement Program (S.H.I.P.)
  • Fleece Shows
  • Halter Shows
  • Suri Network Suri Symposium
  • Suri Network Published Resources
  • Suri Network Webinars
  • Suri Network DVD – Pasture to Process, Product to Profit

The Suri Simply StunningTM branding initiative is a free program for all Suri Network Full Members.  Non-members may also apply to use the mark for a fee. A trademark has been created, but to ensure that those using the trademark are marketing products worthy of the brand, there is a webinar to view and an application to fill out.

Download the Suri Simply Stunning Brochure

Apply for use of Suri Simply Stunning using an Online Form

To initially apply for use of Suri Simply Stunning using a Print and Mail Form

Renew your participation in Suri Simply Stunning  using an Online Form.

To renew your participation in Suri Simply Stunning  using a Print and Mail Form

View the 2023 Suri Simply Stunning Brand Usage Guide

Please contact the office if you have any problems or questions.   

The Suri Network offers "Suri Simply Stunning" merchandise in our  SURI NETWORK STORE


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