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S.H.I.P. Classification Expense Guidelines

SHIP Classification

Travel and Room & Board Expense Guidelines 

Farms will reimburse the classifier for coach airfare from the classifier’s nearest airport to the airport nearest the classification farm. Classifiers will identify the most economical flights to fit the schedule needed for the classification dates. Farms will understand that scheduling well in advance of the classification will generally allow for lower airfare costs. The classifier will select a flight and communicate the cost to the farm to be classified for approval prior to scheduling. This will allow the farm to opt for using their own accumulated miles or tickets for the travel as well as give the farm an idea of what they can anticipate regarding travel expenses.

Ground Transportation

Classifiers will select the most economical and reasonable form of ground transportation to and from their home to their nearest airport. Economy parking at the airport for personal vehicles will be reimbursed. Personal vehicle mileage reimbursement may be requested at the standard mileage rate of the Internal Revenue Service at that time. Estimated cost for ground transportation and parking should be communicated in advance to the farm being classified so that expenses can be anticipated. Ground transportation from the destination airport to the farm should be determined jointly with the farm to be classified. Depending upon the location, the farm may provide transportation directly, recommend a rental car, or make some other arrangement.


The farm being classified will make lodging arrangements for the classifier. This may be at a local hotel, bed and breakfast or as a guest on the farm if agreed by the classifier. The farm will be responsible for lodging expenses only; incidentals such as in-room movies, laundry, etc., are the responsibility of the classifier. 


The farm being classified will reimburse the classifier for reasonable meal expenses from the time the classifier leaves home until his/her return. Meal expenses include breakfast, lunch, and dinner. The classifying farm may elect to provide some or all meals during the classification. Classifiers will be fiscally prudent in incurring meal expenses. 


Following the classification, the farm will pay the classifier the $500.00 per day classification fee on site. The classifier will then submit an invoice to the farm for expenses to be reimbursed. Copies of receipts for expenses will be submitted with the invoice. Farms should be prepared to settle the expense invoice within two weeks of receipt.


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