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  • Genetic Selection - What is it? How can it improve my herd?

Genetic Selection - What is it? How can it improve my herd?

  • 11/07/2013
  • 7:00 PM
  • Live Webinar
Education at Home! Register now for Suri Network's first online learning opportunity on November 7th. The geneticist for the S.H.I.P. program, Justin Fix, Ph.D., will present a basic genetics discussion in a easy to understand format. 

Animal breeders of all species, seek the most effective and efficient manner to make improvements in traits of importance within their respective specie of animal. The most important component of trait improvement, is the establishment of a relevant and effect genetic evaluation. For most breeders, their herds are not large enough to make an individual genetic evaluation effective or economically feasible. Therefore it is important for to work with their breed registry or association to establish a genetic evaluation that benefits everyone involved. 

This presentation is meant to provide an introduction to the basics of genetic improvement. From trait measurement to genetic evaluations to using the information in your herd. Obviously, there is a lot of information involved and segments of this could require hours of presentation themselves, but the goal is to give listeners a better understanding of a genetic improvement system and how they can use the information in their own herds. 

Click HERE to register.

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